long time no blog

big little bear

greetings folks!

it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. A whole lot has changed for me the past 6 months and especially since Genesis 5. It really was filled with ups & downs, with probably my lowest points emotionally at times doubting myself in a lot of ways but thankfully I’m in a much better place now than I was in July 2018. I try to keep my personal life out of business but I’m just going to say that it’s extremely hard to not have your professional life be effected if you go through a breakup in a relationship, a divorce was something else I wasn’t fully prepared for emotionally or really financially. In all I’m in a much better place now and I have to thank all my friends and coworkers who supported me throughout the summer and fall.

Anyways sad stuff aside I wanted to dwell a bit more on why I’m back with smash.gg and what I want to accomplish in 2019 in esports and especially in the competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. So by now Genesis 6 is over and we had an overall great event with no major hiccups. Genesis means a lot to me as Genesis 3 was my first supermajor as a Tournament Director in 2016. I really loved what our team delivered at Genesis 6 but there are definitely things I’d like to improve for Genesis 7, which I’ll talk about later on throughout the year but main points are better scheduling, more space in the venue during Pools, seeking 3 streams for Ultimate, and tightening up backroom access to Sunday for Top 8.

The rest of my year I would love the honor of another year of my favorite summer FGC events like COMBO BREAKER, CEO, Evo [game lineup not announced yet but I’d always love working Evo so I hope I can either way]. Specifically for those events I’d love to reprise my role again as a Tournament Director [or Co-Director as there are lots of good people I work with tag team at these events for many different games]. I’m really excited to say I’ve been hired by Beyond The Summit as the Tournament Director for Smash Ultimate Summit in March. I’ve worked with BTS in the past as a smash.gg Customer Success representative for Summit of Power [DRAGON BALL FighterZ] and a few Smash Summits [Melee], but having the role of Tournament Director for their first Ultimate event is wonderful.

One big thing I want to do for any new events that approach me for the rest of the year is to be more of an underling to help them rather than be the lead Tournament Director for Ultimate.  I give all I got to Genesis, COMBO BREAKER, CEO, and Evo. I would rather be able to take a step back to see everything to both help and learn from other events. I’m also planning on just attending some events to be a Spectator, Volunteer, &/or Player. I’m really looking forward to that.

Anyways I’ll be doing a blog every couple weeks as for me vlogging is hard at the moment and I prefer writing. Thanks for reading and cheers to 2019.

2018 sucked until August when I met knives ❤