My love letter/thank you to everyone for Smash 4 Wii U @ The Big House 6 #TBH6


I know I am 2 weeks late but I forgot to publish my love letter to y’all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who worked with me at The Big House 6 for Smash 4 Wii U. I appreciate any event I am able to work for, but being this as my first Big House and working it as one of the Smash 4 Wii U TOs was absolutely humbling and I really appreciate Robin “Juggleguy” Harn and Alex “Vayseth” Varga for bringing me on from Las Vegas to do all I can to assist the marvelous TOs of the Midwest. I loved working with the core Pulse Gaming TO squad; Vayseth, Ori and TheAgedOne were all wonderful to work with and it was great to see them again. Y’all were phenomenal and everyone from the volunteers to the main staff did a great job. Also Jaaahsh was one of the best Volunteer Coordinators I’ve ever worked with for Smash 4 Wii U. Without Jaaahsh being able to juggle and be lead on volunteers, it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly with Pool Captains being informed and on time.

I really appreciate everyone who took time out of their busy October to come out to the event for The Big House 6. This was one of the most jam packed skill talent for a Smash Bros major since Genesis 3, CEO 2016, and Evo 2016. The Big House 6 was a wonderful event and had great sets to see and amazing people to meet. I do appreciate y’all for watching at home.

I do want to take a moment to say thank you to all the volunteers at The Big House 6. Without you guys who volunteer your time to help with check in, be a Pool Captain, and just offer help, many major events wouldn’t be as successful. Massive kudos to all of you who helped volunteer and I the perks we gave helped make it worth it. But you all who volunteered were lowkey MVPs who I really appreciate your time and effort.

The stream team at Unrivaled Tournaments did a great job with the production. Sage, Blind, Xyless, and many others who helped like Grace and many more people who assisted with the stage production. Nigthwing did a great job with reporting off stream upsets to the stream and aiding the stream team as much as possible. Austy provided some sweet Austy Stats and helped the stream whenever he could while also being a great asset in the periscope front to provide viewers at home some off stream matches to watch. Gooshi from GooshiGaming  did a great job with running the recording stream. I really appreciate that he was there to record many of matches that didn’t have time to be on stream, and it was great he was able to upload the match immediately after the sets. I really appreciate the #PGstats team who provided many vital info for commentators and the public. The integration was great with the stream and I really appreciated the seeding committee’s help with ensuring TBH6 Smash 4 was as smooth as possible; Dom + Juddy + suar + Zan did a phenomenal job and the #PGstats team are great assets to any event in Smash 4.

There’s so many more I may have forgotten to say thank you, but honestly anyone who was an integral part of The Big House 6; thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all again soon enough.

All the best,

Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh


Author: BearUNLV

Bassem [Bear] Dahdouh, MPA. Twitch Partner. Mario Kart Pro. Esports Event Manager & Grunt. Tournament Director.

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