A Native

This is a piece of poetry from my wife. It really resonated with me.


ECW Poetry

This place, this now, you can see it

you can see what it is too, beside

the quiet border you trace around it

this is a home town too, among other things

among everything else. I was born here,

in this empty lot, that was a hospital

in a room with one rectangular window

packed with people I would never see again,

including my mother. Cities are cruel that way

but not all together so, there is a mother here

in the rubble and the dust, and as far

as I ever got I came back to it,

I learned to love it

to love myself in it.

The west was won in a saloon

over a poker hand

and a screaming slot machine.

This place remembers even the drinks that were spilled

the out turned pockets, and moment before

the wheel stopped turning and any number

was a winner…

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