Welcome to Bear’s Cave of Wonders!

Greetings! My name is Bassem [Bear] Dahdouh the Partnerships Manager at smash.gg. I’m also an Esports Event Manager, Consultant, Coordinator, & Organizer for many different events & tournaments including Evo (Evolution Championship Series), GENESIS, CEO (Community Effort Orlando), COMBO BREAKER, DreamHack, GameTyrant, UGC Events, Esports Arena Las Vegas, & many more.  I’m also the FGC & Smash Bros Team Manager for Panda Global, an esports team.

For those wondering how to contact me for business inquiries, feel free to contact via Twitter: https://twitter.com/BearUNLV

I have been involved with competitive esports events for 5+ years. I started with local tournaments in Las Vegas that ranged from 20 then eventually worked larger events that totaled more than 10,000+ people. My event management work spans with the following fighting game community events such as:


Author: BearUNLV

Partnerships Lead @smashgg: Bear@smash.gg • Esports Events Organizer: @Evo @CEOgaming @ComboBreakerFGC @GENESIS_smash @DreamHackFG & more • @PandaGlobalPG FGC

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