Welcome to Bear’s Cave of Wonders!

My name is Bassem [Bear] Dahdouh and I’m an Esports Event Consultant, Coordinator, & Organizer for many different events & tournaments including Evo (Evolution Championship Series), Genesis, CEO (Community Effort Orlando), Combo Breaker, DreamHack Fighters & Smash Bros, & many more.  I’m also the FGC & Smash Bros manager for Panda Global, an esports team. My main priority is my work full time job as the Partnerships Lead at smash.gg.

For those wondering how to contact me for business inquiries, feel free to contact via Twitter: https://twitter.com/BearUNLV

My current esports event schedule which where I am involved with as a core staff member are below:



Author: BearUNLV

Partnerships Lead @smashgg: Bear@smash.gg • Esports Events Organizer: @Evo @CEOgaming @ComboBreakerFGC @GENESIS_smash @DreamHackFG & more • @PandaGlobalPG FGC

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