ICYMI: Thank You for Genesis 3

ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

I thought I’d repost my Reddit thank you in my blog:


(Also on Reddit I’m u/BearLAShz and u/BearUNLV; I’ll use u/BearUNLV from now on though)

Genesis 3’s Wii U TO, Bear here:

Thank you all so much for taking time out of your lives to come to play a video game competitively about characters bashing their bodies to high percentages.

SSB64, Wii U, and Melee. Y’all were phenomenal.

Everyone was amazing to meet and I had the pleasure to be your Wii U TO for the weekend. I hope to improve any way I can for any future events I may be your TO for.

Greatly appreciate every single volunteer for giving your time to help make this a success. Without you, we couldn’t have done it and I hope Top 8 Sunday was a great reward of itself. I’m still shaking from all of it.

Please thank all the staff from Showdown for a wonderful stream production, the crew worked so hard to deliver something magical and I’m damn proud to have helped.

Huge thank yous to Boback, Sheridan, and David who believed in me to take on TOing a ~1,100 Wii U event. I’m very humbled to have accomplished this and looking forward to seeing y’all soon enough better improved as well.

Safe journeys back home everyone, Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh


Author: BearUNLV

Bassem [Bear] Dahdouh, MPA. Twitch Partner. Mario Kart Pro. Esports Event Manager & Grunt. Tournament Director.

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