Genesis 3 Crew Battle Ruleset


Genesis 3 Smash 4 Crew Ruleset:
­ 5 players must be selected and will be locked before a region battles (must be from the official mains & subs list) all 5 players are locked to 1 character per round (Region Vs Region) and captains must share whom those are at the before the region battles

­ Each crew may select their lead player. If an agreement on starting match cannot be made, a double blind pick may be called.

­ The first round is played out normally like the first round of a singles game. 3 stocks, time limit is off.

­ The first stage must be agreed upon a starter stage from the Genesis 3 Crew Battle Starters

­ The losing crew selects a new player. The winning team bans a stage; the losing team counterpicks stage.

­ The winning player starts the game by SDing to the number of stocks he finished with previous game.

­ This continues until one crew runs out of players.

Coaching: There will be no coaching allowed during a game. Players may having coaching between games. Players are always allowed 3 minutes between games for this purpose in addition to ordinary time constraints.

Smash 4 Genesis 3 Crew Battle starters:
Town & City

Smash 4 Genesis 3 Crew Battle Counterpicks:
Final Destination


Author: BearUNLV

My name is Bassem "Bear" Dahdouh and I'm an Esports Event Consultant, Coordinator, & Organizer for many different events & tournaments including Evo (Evolution Championship Series) 2016 & 2017, Genesis 3 & 4, CEO (Community Effort Orlando) 2016 & 2017, Combo Breaker 2016 & 2017, Shine 2016 & 2017, The Big House 6, Smash The Record 2016, UGC Smash Open with UGC Events, LVL UP EXPO 2015 & 2016, esports parties, and the local Las Vegas FGC scene. I'm also the FGC & Smash Bros manager for Panda Global, an esports team. I currently work full time as Partner Support at

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