Love Letter to the Smash Bros Community

Earlier this week I wasn’t in the best place with so much family duties to tend to along with esports & my full time aviation job, but a Las Vegas local I’ve never met came to a tournament I TO’d at and thanked me for being a positive impact on the community & to his high school friends. They all are came out their first time to a tournament where they thought they would be bodied but ended up doing quite well. It was very heartwarming to see a group of friends say to themselves “let’s put ourselves out in the real world.”

That fam is what I strive for as a community leader. I don’t care for the winning a tournament, pulling off an awesome Oddshot worthy combo on stream, or being a famous tournament organizer (lolz really I’m nothing special).

It’s about the community. It’s about inspiring someone I’ve never known to come out with his or her friends to have a good time.

To see them smile.
To see them salty.
To see them shy.
To see them shout.
To see them sacrifice a whole night.
To see them Smash.

It’s a beautiful thing to see what I see, and I’m happy y’all like me enough to keep me around.

Thank you to everyone for your support & wonderful heartwarming gestures. I love the local Las Vegas Smash Bros community & they’re growing nicely in this small town (yes we’re not as big as you think we are). And thank you Tesla for reminding me why I got into TOing & community leadership in the first place.

Y’all are awesome. I may be not TOing in March & April for my wedding, honeymoon, & family, but I’ll still be there to help y’all when I can.

All the love & luck,
Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh


Author: BearUNLV

My name is Bassem "Bear" Dahdouh and I'm an Esports Event Consultant, Coordinator, & Organizer for many different events & tournaments including Evo (Evolution Championship Series) 2016 & 2017, Genesis 3 & 4, CEO (Community Effort Orlando) 2016 & 2017, Combo Breaker 2016 & 2017, Shine 2016 & 2017, The Big House 6, Smash The Record 2016, UGC Smash Open with UGC Events, LVL UP EXPO 2015 & 2016, esports parties, and the local Las Vegas FGC scene. I'm also the FGC & Smash Bros manager for Panda Global, an esports team. I currently work full time as Partner Support at

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